Cress by Marissa Meyer

Third after Cinder and Scarlett, this introduces another fairy tale girl--a Rapunzel who is locked up in a satelite belonging to the Lunas and waiting for her rescuing prince. This story is getting really complicated and I hate it when we have to wait so long between books. Moving around the planet and the moon, this one is jam-packed with death-defying action. And some death. Cinder, Captain Thorne, Scarlet and Wolf are in hiding from the entire galaxy, while Cress hacks every communication for her master Evil Queen Levana. Emperor Kai is pretty much just wringing his hands as his disgusting wedding approaches. This was a satisfying if incomplete read. Let's hope the story finishes in four and not five books. YA for violence and romance.

The Here and Now by Anne Brasheres
So, I've waited over a week to write my review and I don't really remember details of how I felt. I remember the plot: girl travels back in time with a group hoping just to survive after a horrible future (catastrophobia--I'm getting tired of horrible). She falls for a regular guy who kno ws the truth about the travelers. Lots of complications including murder. The plot was pretty good. The romance scenes get just a tad tiresome when the world is about the end. YA for typical dystopian romance. No sex. But close. (Think "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants")

Princess Labelmaker To the Rescue! by Tom Angleberger
Another classic school story. The team is still trying to overcome FUNTIME videos and worksheets that prepare for standardized tests. That part rings true! I enjoyed this, especially the view of the principal. Good. No need to recommend, it's Origami Yoda--right up there with Wimpy Kid for sainthood.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy
This was literally hard to read. I couldn't read it before bed--too scary. Couldn't read just a little at a time--too "sucked in" Almost violent enough for HS and not MiddleSchool. But a Wow storyline. Aliens invade but we never see them. First wave--Power cut totally, millions die. 2nd wave--Rising Ocean--millions more. 3rd Wave--Mosquito born pestilence--just about everyone else dies. 4th wave--Silencers and the army. 5th Wave--that's the question. This is told mostly by Cassie who is trying to save her little brother Sammy. But also by Ben who become Zombie. Then there are friends and enemies, but that's the hard part--who is whom? Excellent writing. For very mature readers. 8th grade.

Ruined by Paula Morris
Rebecca is sent to New Orleans while her dad is away for months. There is something going on with her "aunt" and the patricians who rule not just her private school but most of New Orleans as the Septimus Krewe. Then Rebecca meets Lisette who died over 150 years ago. Classic help the ghost find rest story, with personal connections. A bit slow on the pickup, but the ending was terrific. YA for violence and sexual stories from history. Good.

the Bone Magician by F E Higgins
Pin Carpue is alone, looking for his father who is accused of murder. He joins a troope including the Bone Magician who raises the dead to answer one question. The deeper mystery involves the Silver Apple Murders. Very Dickensian. Good. YA for mature content.

Escape from Mr Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein
Very much like Willy Wonka or The CandyMakers. Up to date book references though. Crazy Mr Lemoncello builds a giant library and for the grand opening invites 12 12-year-olds to compete in a contest to escape from the library. Fun clues. Very good.

The Chase by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
Only tastes of Evanovich in O'Hare's random thoughts about men. The plot seems more Goldberg (Monk). This involves chases all over the country and in and out of China as Nick Fox helps the FBI return a Chinese statue that had been stolen and then brings the perp to justice (of a sort). Lots of chases, cons, and eventually explosions. Adult.

Hollow City: the second novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
So very odd. Wrapped around "found" ancient photos, this continues the story of Jacob and his friends the peculiar ones. They have escaped their island and head for the mainland with evil soldiers in pursuit. Not for the faint of heart! Intertwined with the actual horrors of WWII in London, there are the equally evil horrors of fantastic warfare. Not an easy read by any means. Ends with some satisfaction but not a finale. YA for horror and snogging.

The Finisher by David Baldacci
Vega Jane is confused. Her village, Wormwood, generally goes on, day after day, year after year (or light / session) without changing. But Quentin, her mentor as a Finisher, has run off into the Quag where all of the monsters are. Jane is independent, curious and wants answers. Some say she's just insolent and obnoxious. This is fast moving, with more political and fantastical twists than you can shake an Elemental (sword) at. The Harry Potteresque language twists seem a little, well, Harry Potteresque. The plot carried me through the artifice I guess. Good. YA for horror and snogging (what are the chances--two books in a row!!)

Thieves Like Us by Stephen Cole
James Bond style thievery. Five misfit kids have the special skills to do some shady work for Mr. Coldhardt (worst name ever). Jonah Wish (really?) join Patch, Motti, Con and Ty with their unique skills. Lots of intrigue. and sexual innuendo. Indiana Jones-like. YA for snogging. good night.